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Project Geologist

A motivated and reliable geologist, adaptable to the work environment and requirement. Experienced in diverse geological settings as a result of a varied work history. Has gained knowledge ranging from grass roots exploration projects, through to brown/green fields and resource programs. Has worked in open pit mining conducting work from QAQC and grade control; through to reserve updates, planning and implementing relevant drilling programs. Working within remote and isolated projects has honed the organization and management abilities, while diversified approach to overcoming day to day challenges. Seeking to continually improve methodology and systems, whilst maintaining transparency through clear communication to colleagues and management. Delivering the outcome desired by means an easy working relationship, collaborating effectively with stakeholders and across departments. Promotes integrity and accountability to peers and lead by example whilst continually seeking further self- development.

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Exploration Geologist

Geologist Exploration - sample collection, data logging, map reading, resource management, sustainability, environmental protection.

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Senior Exploration Geologist

Senior Exploration Geologist - over 10 yrs experience including mine geology experience. Annual Technical Reports for Government. Project Reviews and target generation. Geophysics interpretation and structural analysis. Multi-element geochemistry analysis. Lithogeochemistry and alteration analysis. Logging of drill core, RC chips and RAB / Aircore chips. Supervision of exploration personnel. Data Management and validation. Designing drill programs. Writing drill proposals and drilling reports. Monthly reporting of exploration activities. Drill program management. Participate in Safety meetings and implementation of policies

  • Receipting of invoices
  • Second in charge to Exploration Manager
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    Senior Exploration Geologist

    Senior Exploration Geologist. Planning and implementing drilling programs, logging diamond core, RC, RAB and Air Core sampling and logging, field mapping, ore spotting, pit wall mapping, structural mapping, ore reconciliation, oreblock design. GPS. 18 years working as a geologist throughout Australian, Cambodia and East Africa.
    Working predominantly in exploration with work from grassroots exploration through to resource definition of multiple commodities including Gold and Iron Ore with previous work also including Nickel, PGE's, Copper and base metals.
    Strong team leadership skills including the mentoring of teams of geologists and field assistants in Australia along with leadership in cross cultural teams such as Tanzania and Cambodia.
    Strong data integration skills through the use of database management, GIS and 3D modelling packages.

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    Exploration Geologist

    Exploration Geologist currently seeking new employment opportunities in exploration programs across Australia and overseas. Looking to expand knowledge and skill base in a variety of commodities to build a solid exploration profile.
    Experience in geological logging and sampling of core and chips, as well as management of all aspects of RC drill programs. Worked in both brownfields and green-fields exploration projects for Iron Ore (Pilbara), LTC pegmatites (Pilbara), and Cu-Au Porphyrys. Experience in collecting and analysing geochemical, structural and geophysical data, as well as project and tenement report writing.
    Previous work in underground and open-pit mining (Orogenic gold and Iron Ore) as a junior geologist whilst studying at Curtin University, Western Australia.
    Experience with block modelling in Vulcan and Minestar, geological modelling with LeapFrog and Mapinfo and some drillhole modelling with Datamine.
    Loves the outdoors and will bring energy to a team environment.

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    Graduate Geologist

    Junior Exploration/Mine Geologist: Cambourne School of Mines. Exploration and Grade control activities in an open pit Lithium mine, including drill core sampling, ore spotting, ore block mark-up, ordering consumables with some Geotechnical experience. Extensive field geology, environmental sampling and mapping experience in several differing terranes. Proven research skills. Effective time and contingency management, prioritizing tasks to meet deadlines, collaborating effectively within a team, delegating tasks when necessary.

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    Senior Exploration Geologist

    Senior Exploration Geologist with more than 25 years of experience safely and successfully planning, developing and implementing exploration and development programmes worldwide. Highly motivated, flexible and very safety conscious with well developed 'hands on' skills across all aspects of green-fields, brown-fields and development level projects in a variety of geological terrains, countries and cultures. Experienced manager with excellent personnel and project management skills including the mentoring and training of junior staff. Achieved excellent results in the fields of geological mapping, geological and geotechnical logging of all types, sample QAQC, contractor and drill rig management. Extremely organized and proficient in database set up and management. Current Senior First Aid Certified.

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    Senior Underground Geologist

    An accomplished geologist, over ten years experience with a diverse background working in and around gold and nickel deposits in Western Australia. Open pit, underground and exploration. Hardworking and very good organisational and time management skills. Able to work with a small team whilst being highly capable to work alone and get the required job done. Experienced in training, mentoring and supervision of geologists and field assistants. Working in different departments have planned, coordinated and managed numerous drilling programs and contractors. Strong interpretation and 3D modelling skills using general mining packages. Well developed written and verbal communication skills. A wide range of experience and knowledge that would be a great asset to any company.

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    Underground Geologist

    Underground Mine Geologist. Seeking a new challenge and continued development.  Looking to expand his knowledge and skill-set beyond Copper and move into another commodity. Responsibilities - underground mapping, sampling, resource development, interpretation, wire framing, grade control, logging, drill hole design, rig supervision, reconciliations, database management and the mentoring and supervision of junior staff.  Software - Datamine and  Datashed.  Resides in NSW and would be looking for FIFO from there on a 8/6 or 2/2 roster preferably.  Seeking a permanent or a contract to permanent position.

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    Exploration Geologist

    20+ years of experience as a geologist mostly under exploration. Proven safety and fire hazard risk reporting. Multiple types of mining software.

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