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Pit Technician

Multi-faceted, efficient and reliable Pit Technician with 7 years' experience supporting geologists, surveyors and lab personnel while improving the efficiency of Technical Services on site. Experienced in adding value to production through ore spotting, accurate blast hole sampling and waste and ore interpretation during ore mark ups. Capable of autonomously providing technical assistance through a proactive approach and initiative. Contribute to team leadership and foster a safe work culture through strong safety focus and experience as safety representative

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Field Assistant

Field Assistant - experience acquired over 4+ years in the mining industry, RC sampling, Marking up the Diamond-Drill Hole Core; Photographing Core; Core slabbing and packaging, Geotechnical Defect Logging, Soil sampling, Pick and shovel work Long distance walk, outback conditions, 4wd Certificate, XRF Certificate, Certificate 2 in Mineral Extraction.

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Senior Field Assistant

Field Assistant - Several years working and developing projects in remote areas worldwide, with the last 2 years spent on WA mine sites. A highly qualified ex military commander with four years experience in GPS and navigation, 4x4 driving and paramedic practice. A practical, hands on worker who is widely experienced in working under pressure and who possesses excellent problem solving skills. Fully embraces remote/overseas work.

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