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Service Crew

Service Crew / Nipper - 12+ months experience working in Western Australia in the underground mining industry.

Duties include: Extending ventilation services to areas where needed, which includes hanging ventilation bags and moving/ stalling secondary fans - extend water, air and pump services to areas where needed - move and install pumps to areas where are needed - maintain and repair services and equipment such as vent bags, poly pipe and valves - hand installation and grouting of cable bolts - installation of underground infrastructure - construction of ventilation walls - installation of remote operated equipment infrastructure - assist other underground departments as required help charge up crew with charging the holes.

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Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant - available for short term and permanent internal recruitment roles - 14+ years' experience dealing with Australian and international mining / engineering companies - 14 years' experience as a Senior Recruitment Consultant - End-to-end technical recruitment experience (white and blue collar) - project recruitment focused.

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Exploration Geologist

Geologist with 6 years experience working in WA Gold and Base Metals Exploration. Working in a team that plans, budgets, develop, implement and supervise exploration programs on project areas, increasing mineable resources deposits.

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